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There is a world where all the days are just about playing and making new friends, and that place is the home of Kindi Kids. Discover the magical and colourful world of Kindi Kids dolls! Join Marsha Mello, Jessicake, Peppa-Mint, and Donatina as their “Rainbow Kindi” comes to life with each new day. Their names will definitely grab the attention of kids in preschool and kindergarten. Each doll comes with a gorgeous, glittery, and rooted hair but with its own exclusive style and interchanging colours. What’s more is that they all have magical and colourful clothes and accessories that come with the playset. Browse through this page or visit any of our stores across Australia, so you can grab a Kindi Kids doll or doll set today.

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Kindi Kids

Discover the World of Kindi Kids

The world of Kindi Kids is a place where each day is all about playing, making new friends, and bonding with the ones you already have. It is a world where “Rainbow Kindi” and it citizens come to life. Rainbow Kindi is the place where Jessicake, Donatina, Marsha Mello, and Peppa-Mint live. They are the first wave of Kindi Kids dolls that are made available by Moose Toys, the company that manufactures and distributes the Kindi Kids line of dolls and playsets.

Join the Kindi Kids as Their Rainbow Kindi Comes to Life

Kindi Kids dolls are designed particularly for children who are in pre-school and kindergarten. These 4 dolls go along with 3 playsets which include a kitty supermarket, a bunny shopping cart,a bear fridge, kits for pets, snack time accessories, and glittery clothes. You will notice how animally awesome the names of these attention-grabbing toys are!

Rainbow Kindi is where every day is about playing and making friends!

Once you enter Rainbow Kindi, a world of imagination and discovery will hit you.
Everything is alive and glittery with Kindi Kids dolls!

If you are looking for a toy and playset to give your child as a gift for Christmas, birthday, or some other occasion, why not surprise them with some Kindi Kids dolls and doll sets? They will certainly be amazed at how cute these toys are! Get them now at Mr Toys Toyworld.



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