Remote Control Accessories

Building your first remote controlled vehicle is the beginning of a fun and exciting hobby that will afford you hours of fun. However, it doesn't stop once your vehicle is built. You will need Radio Controlled Accessories to enjoy your hobby. Mr Toys online shop has all the Radio Control Accessories you need to keep your vehicle finely tuned. We carry Nitro Starter Kits to give your vehicle power performance and Force Model Power Engines to crank out more horsepower. We also have a selection of great Tyres and wheels and all the Glow Plugs and parts your car needs. If you visit our awesome toy stores, you can also find plenty of Nitro Racing Fuel in various sizes. Shop Mr Toys today for Radio Control Accessories.

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Remote Control Accessories

Radio Control Kits Are Not For Everyone! The Radio Control Models we sell are a lot of fun, but are actually complex sophisticated models. They require patience and commitment from the user to ensure you get the most value from your model. By following these guidelines, you will get the most value from your Radio Control Model purchase. While all models are warranted that they have been manufactured correctly, they must be correctly maintained to perform as expected. It is up to the user to ensure that the model receives the correct maintenance. If you are unsure about any aspect of maintenance, please ask us for advice. It is important to understand that faults due to poor maintenance or improper use are not covered by warranty. Why Might Radio Control Kits Not Suit Some? Many kits require expertise and patience to assemble and maintain the model in working order. This will include understanding the operation of the model and knowing how to repair and maintain the model so that it may continue to be used as expected. If you are uncertain as to your ability to be able to assemble AND maintain a model, please discuss with us BEFORE YOU MAKE THE PURCHASE, so that we can best assist in advising the model suitable for you. You should not purchase a radio control model that exceeds your ability.



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