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Traditional Skateboards and Skates are popular among young people. Skateboards and Skates offer your child hours of recreational fun that is also physically healthy. Shop our online toy store and browse or amazing selection of Skateboards and Skates for your child. We carry an assortment of colours and designs that will make your child the envy of the neighbourhood. Fun on 4 wheels has never been so much fun. Mr Toys provides you with discount pricing and home delivery while also providing your child with the Skateboards and Skates they want. Order today and watch your child roll into some fun. Show More

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Skateboards are Great for Kids At first glance, a skateboard may seem like a simple piece of wood with four wheels bolted to it. But skateboards are much more than that. Skating is an art form, where persistence matters just as much as creativity. At first, some kids may be better suited to the skateboard than others. But with the right amount of time and effort, anyone can become a skating expert. The best thing about skating is that it is a never-ending project. Even professional skateboarders are still perfecting and practicing new tricks, so you can rest assured that this isn’t a toy that one plays with for a weekend before never touching again. Nothing is like the feeling that you get when you land your first ollie (basic jump)… Except the feeling that you get when you land your first shuv-it, and then your first kickflip, and so on. You should buy a skateboard for your kids because it will teach them patience and persistence (the time it takes to learn a new trick), critical thinking (how can I get the board to do what I want), problem solving (what am I doing wrong), and basic physics (If I push this way, the board goes that way). No other sport teaches mental and physical skills like skateboarding does. However, skateboarding can be a dangerous hobby, so make sure that your kids are safely padded up, before buying them a board! You can buy skateboards at skate shops or toy stores- prices at the latter will probably be lower.


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