The Best Sylvanian Families Toys of the Year

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There are many toys that promote family values! Yet, one toy line stands out when the word family is mentioned. In fact, it is in the brand name itself – and truth to be told – it’s the Sylvanian Families!

The Sylvanian Families has been a well-loved line of toys since 1985, attracting not just kids but grownups too. Their toys are known to promote the concepts of NATURE, LOVE, and (of course) FAMILY. They enable children to explore the power of their imaginations, while encouraging the values of caring and sharing with one another.

Come to Sylvania, the Peaceful Village of the Sylvanian Families

Did you know that there’s a world where tranquillity and traditional family values are a way of life? If you’re looking for a stress-free place to calm your senses, then come to the village of Sylvania, the home of the Sylvanian Families. It’s an idyllic place where cuteness reigns and residents enjoy the world of nature! Sylvania is a place where everyone can be part of a family and learn about relationships. Sylvanians are encouraged to practice kindness and care for others!

Sylvanian Families is a renowned toy brand that has been empowering kids’ imaginations with toys and figure sets that provide children a range of activities in which they can explore different play patterns and create their own stories. The Sylvanian Families toy range offers a variety of adorable figures, houses, shops, furniture, and colourful accessories.

The Sylvanian Families Collection

As an evergreen toy brand, Sylvanian Families has a friendly appeal to kids and adults alike. Children and parents will love playing with Sylvanian Families as they collect the figures, change the outfits, decorate the houses, and furnish them with furniture. Everyone is allowed to create their own stories with Sylvanian Families!

Family is at the centre of every Sylvanian Families playset! Their toys demonstrate that everyone can be a part of a family, and children can learn about relationships including kindness and love for others.

We invite you to join the Sylvanian Families in a wholesome play activity that helps develop the thoughts and emotions of children.

Sylvanian Families Homes and Houses

There’s no place like home, and Sylvanian Families offers you homes and houses where peace and tranquillity are the norm. Home is where the heart is! So take your rest in any of the Sylvanian Families homes and houses now.

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Sylvanian Families Furniture and Accessories

They say you’ve got to furnish your house with furniture! Luckily, we have a great selection of furniture and accessories to decorate your Sylvanian Families home.

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• The Chocolate Rabbit Family

SKU: 1166521

Frasier Chocolate enjoys planning all kinds of fun events and parties to be held in Sylvania. His friends in the village love him because he's always throwing wonderful parties. On his days off, he likes to bake bread for his family.

Teri Chocolate is always taking care of her family and making the house a nice place to live. She always cooks delicious meals, and re-designs the children's clothes beautifully when they grow out of them. Her children think she can do magic because she can make anything in no time at all.

Coco Chocolate is good at football; he can kick a ball further than any of the other children. He's always in a good mood and makes his friends laugh with his jokes, but he goes quiet all of a sudden in maths class because he's not very good at it.

Freya Chocolate is a cheerful girl who likes having fun with her family and friends. She often invites her friends to parties at her house and gives them delicious treats which she baked with her mother. She's very good at drawing and has won lots of prizes in school competitions.

• The Cottontail Rabbit Family

SKU: 1004105

Aaron Cottontail is a down-to-earth and hardworking furniture maker, who takes great pride in his family and his work. He is such a skilled craftsman; everybody in Sylvania can recognise his furniture, because each piece looks just like a work of art.

Sorrel Cottontail is a practical mother and homemaker, who spends most of her spare time decorating and improving the family's beautiful home. She is a great DIY expert indeed!

Gromwell Cottontail is a very energetic boy who loves football and cricket. He has the untidiest bedroom in Sylvania, and he always tells his mother he'll tidy it tomorrow. But that "tomorrow" never seems to come!

Willow Cottontail is always up to something. Her father says she should have been called Wild not Willow! Whether up a tree or down a hole, she's always in trouble. But all it takes is a winning smile and a peck on the cheek to get her back into his good books.

• The Walnut Squirrel Family

SKU: 1004124

Cedric likes carpentry, and is very good at it! He's always coming up with unique things to make for other Sylvanians. He makes lots of surprising things that nobody has ever seen before. Only his family know that he's had a lot of projects that turned out badly too (he keeps those hidden in his store room)!

Yardley loves talking to the other Sylvanians. Her big belly laugh can be heard often and she's always got friends around her. She's very proud of her bushy tail with its shiny fur, and makes sure to brush it every night before she goes to bed.

Ralph is full of energy and loves to climb trees. When his little brother Ambrose's balloon got caught on a tall tree, Ralph climbed up and got it back in the blink of an eye. He says he's climbed every tree in Sylvanian Village, but nobody knows if it's true.

Saffron loves yellow things. Her room is decorated with the yellow things she's collected, from yellow flowers to yellow ribbons. Her favourite thing in her collection is her yellow photo album, which is full of precious memories. The only yellow thing she doesn't like is lemon fruit – it's too sour for her!

• The Hedgehog Family

SKU: 1004109

Mortimer Bramble is the lone tailor of Sylvania. He makes all the clothes for everyone in the village. He loves sewing while gently rocking in his rocking chair.

Eleanor Bramble designs and makes all the special Sylvanian costumes, like wedding outfits and Sunday best clothes.

Maxwell Bramble is learning how to be a tailor like his dad. He’s particularly good at measuring up material, but he can’t play with the needles and scissors as these can be dangerous.

Abigail Bramble likes designing clothes. She’s especially good at designing dresses and frocks for herself. If she's a good girl, Daddy Mortimer and Mummy Eleanor would make new clothes she designed.

Fun Family Values for Everyone

It's a caravan of fun family values for everyone! So don't hold anything up. Choose the Sylvanian Families item you want and add to cart now.

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