10 Reasons Why Arts and Crafts Are Important for Your Child

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Imagination is strong when you’re young! For children, preschool and up, it’s a “superpower” we grownups wish would stay with us forever. Many experts say that a child’s imagination is a significant key to learning through discovery and exploration. Coupled with curiosity, imagination equips little ones to grasp new concepts and learn about the things that surround them.

It is through play that young children learn the most. Yet, there’s one particular play activity that boosts a child’s imagination and curiosity – and that is arts and crafts!

Playing is something all children (and even adults for that matter) enjoy doing. While kids are having fun at play, they also get immersed in cognitive exploration and fine motor exercise. Yet, with arts and crafts, they get a lot more from the experience.

Art and craft activities are more than just play; your little one encounters something more creative, expressive, and visually imaginative while honing their motor skills using their hands and fingers. Arts and crafts can be your child’s springboard for a future career in fine arts, architecture, fashion design, home interior design, animation, and comic book artistry among many others.

Let’s have a look at some of the 10 child-friendly reasons why arts and crafts are important for growing kids!

The Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Growing Children

1. It’s Fun and Exciting

That’s practically the number 1 reason why kids should get into arts and crafts – because it’s super fun and dazzlingly exciting! The vibrant colours and the lively images are like magnets that entice them to experience the fun of creative expression. They get to create, imagine, and have a blast with colourful art and craft supplies!

2. The Magic of Imagination

As mentioned, imagination is some kind of a superpower for kids. Yet, it is also a magical tool that can turn a plain paper into a realm of out-of-this-world adventures. When they play with art and craft toys, they are able to transform their imaginations into something tangible.

3. A Pathway to Learning

When preschool kids play with arts and crafts, they get to learn new skills like drawing, painting, sculpting, and colour and shape recognition. As they go on, they will also learn to recognise familiar objects through the drawings and images. Many talented artists started out as kids who dreamed of becoming pros one day because someone gave them a simple art and craft kit.

4. An Avenue to Express Feelings

Many kids can sometimes have a hard time showing their feelings. What can’t be verbalised by spoken words can be expressed with the use of visual images made through arts and crafts. Even adults can express their feelings through art. Create something special that touches the heart doing arts and crafts!

5. A Push to Creativity

Arts and crafts are obviously a great way to boost your child’s creative talent – no question about it! With arts and crafts, they can create masterpieces, build amazing things, or design something that the family can be proud of to showcase as a home display for all visitors to see.

6. Quality Bonding Moments

With everyone’s busy schedule, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find the perfect time to bond with the kids in a wholesome family activity. Playing with arts and crafts provides an easy opportunity to enjoy quality family time without the hassle of heavy planning or packing. You can do it inside your home where your children are!

7. Training Ground for Patience and Focus

When kids are working on an art and craft project, they are also learning the art of dedication and being patient. They delay their gratification until they complete the task and see the visible image of what they want to make. It’s like a puzzle inside their head and they piece it together using the art and craft kits on hand. Or it’s like a story waiting to be told using their art and craft tools.

8. A Boost to Self-Esteem

For a child engrossed in an art and craft project, completing their masterpiece feels amazing – especially when mum and dad are proud of their work! The finished artwork is another proud moment and a milestone to be recorded in the family album.

9. Just Relax and Unwind

Both kids and parents need some relaxation and recreation! Why not do so with arts and crafts? Art and craft activities are a great relief for the tired mind. They can help you relax and unwind when you're feeling a little fatigued or stressed.

10. Cooperation and Friendship

How fun it is for children to play with friends! So how about letting your child share their art and craft toys with their playmates? Playing art and craft games with friends teaches kids cooperation and teamwork. Schedule a play date and share your creative talent with new and old friends alike!

Arts and crafts are fun play activities that involve learning, expressing, and creating. Make sure you have a colourful blast with your art and craft supplies. Get your art and craft kits from Australia’s number 1 toy store, Mr Toys Toyworld! Check out these bestsellers…

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Modelling with Play-Doh

Play-Doh is the modelling toy that is perfect for kids because of its non-toxic features. It doesn’t stain clothes and walls. You don’t need to worry much if you are a parent! Play-Doh lets kids practice their love for arts and crafts, and harness their creative skills. Children can showcase their artistic skills whenever they hold a mould of Play-Doh.

Drawing and Colouring with Crayola

Crayola is more than just crayons! With Crayola, you can find a variety of art tools and supplies to fuel your creativity and passion for the visual arts. You can draw, sketch, colour, or paint! You can also create arts and crafts that you haven’t done before. Prepare your creative juices and shop for some Crayola art supplies that will allow your child to create their greatest masterpiece yet!

Building Familiar Structures with LEGO Duplo

LEGO Duplo’s bright colours and large, easy-to-handle building bricks mean that toddlers aged 18 months and over can learn through play as they put together buildings such as barns and schools, roll trains on tracks, race with cars, and even bring amusement parks, farms, and construction sites to life by filling them with animal toys and minifigures. Preschoolers will learn about the world as they grow while also refining their fine motor skills and, of course, experiencing hours of fun entertainment!

Doodle Sketching with Magna Doodle Kits

They’re the fun, mess free way to be creative! Magna Doodle kits let you draw using magnetic screen, pen, and stampers. Each set includes stampers and magnetic pen. What’s great is that you can carry it anywhere you go with it’s easy-to-carry built-in handle!

Scribbling and Drawing with Boards and Easels

Boards and easels are great platforms for preschoolers to explore their first lessons before they even set foot in school. They can practice their drawing and writing skills, and begin their journey to learning new concepts.

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Older Kids

Making Visual Masterpieces with Faber-Castell

Faber-Castell is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality products for writing, drawing, colouring, and creative design. A companion for life, Faber-Castell offers a wide range of stationery, art supplies, fountain pens, ballpoint pens, biros, pencils, coloured pencils, colouring kits for kids and grownups, and a lot more.

Drawing Sidewalk Chalk Art

Drawing sidewalk chalk art is a favourite activity for kids especially during Easter. You don’t need to bring them to the park to do this; your backyard can do just the thing – no need to go far! Children will love drawing images on the sidewalk with chalks in brilliant colours, seamlessly designed for use by little hands. Witness how their sidewalk chalk drawings come to life!

Moulding Sand Sculptures with Kinetic Sand

The original squeezable sand that is so oddly satisfying, you can’t put it down! Made with natural sand, Kinetic Sand magically sticks together and never dries out. It's mesmerising, it's satisfying... it's hands-on play for the curious of minds. Mould your child’s imagination and let their creativity flow! Watch them explore, shape, slice, scoop, squish, and smush their Kinetic Sand again and again.

Creating DIY Fashion with Cool Maker

Cool Maker is the DIY brand that lets you create and customise your style! With its DIY kits, you have all the tools you need to inspire creativity. Whether you’re stamping matching mani-pedis with your besties, spinning up cute friendship bracelets, or sewing the latest accessories, Cool Maker lets you switch up your style to cool looks that are totally you. Get ready to unleash your creativity with Cool Maker!

Building Awesome Structures with LEGO Architecture

LEGO Architecture sets are excellent gifts for older kids who have the penchant for architecture and structural designs. If your child is fascinated by famous buildings and landmarks, LEGO’s architectural model building kits will challenge and impress their creative eye! We have LEGO sets that replicate structures from all around the world such as those in New York City, London, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, and more.

Shop for your kids’ arts and crafts at Mr Toys online or in-store, and start your creative journey with your little ones today!

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