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Does your child love to play aliens and monsters? We bet they like to act as the hero who defeats those monsters and aliens. How will they defeat these “villains” if they don’t carry laser guns and cap guns? Mr Toys has all the toy guns, cap guns, and laser guns your child needs to play hero vs aliens and monsters. Give your little space cowboy a touch of realism and buy them these awesome toys today.

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Cap Guns And Laser Guns

Tips When Buying Toy Guns for Children

Before purchasing toy guns for your child, consider these factors that will make playing with toy guns safe but fun. There are different types of toy guns and it is always recommended to check the label to ensure they are safe for use by children. Here at Mr Toys, you can be sure that our wide range of laser guns and cap guns are compliant with toy safety standards.

Type of Toy Guns:

Cap Guns

If you want your child to experience real toy gun action, then this is the most realistic gun in the market. It’s so realistic that they make real gun noises. The production of this type of toy guns has to follow industry regulations so that they can still be distinguished from real guns; you can be sure that cap guns are safe to play with.

Laser Guns

Laser guns are one of the most famous toys among children. To ensure safety when playing with laser guns, it is recommended that children wear helmets and vests. Don’t worry! These toy guns don’t emit real lasers, and are totally safe for children to play with.

Can Parents Play with Toy Guns?

Playing with toy guns together with your children is an excellent way to bond with them. Kids get double the fun when they see their parents are playing with them. You can create terrific memories while you act out those memorable scenes from your favourite action and adventure movies.

Whichever toy guns you go for, our advice is to always follow the safety precautions and instructions so you can truly have a great experience with your toy guns.



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