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There is something magical about rolling down the sidewalk on a scooter. Maybe it’s the wind in your face or it just simply makes you remember a great childhood experience. Whatever the reason, the scooter is definitely a favourite ride-on toy for both children and adults alike. If you are looking for kick scooters or electric scooters made by Razor, then you have come to the right place! Mr Toys stocks the widest range of Razor Scooters that no scooter enthusiast can resist. We have all the models that Razor has to offer – from scooters that can be folded and are compact enough to fit in the boot of your car to high-speed scooters used by extreme sports riders. Check out our range of kick scooters and electric scooters by Razor on this page. Pick your preferred model and make your order now, or shop at our retail stores in various parts of the country today.

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Razor And Kick Scooters

Great Deals of Razor Scooters Here at Mr Toys

The Razor Scooter may not have been around long as the other sporty ride-ons like the skateboard or the BMX bike, but it has quickly become one of the hottest wheeled products in Australia encouraging Australian kids to get out and be physically active. The Razor group in Australia makes scooters for kids and adults who crave for speed and thrill, but at the same time ensures the safety and comfort of the riders.

It doesn’t take long for an individual to learn how to ride a scooter. Razor has models for young children and beginners that will allow them to learn scooting safely and at their own pace. Once they have acquired their balance, they can proceed to the higher end models. Razor also offers scooters that can be used for extreme sports and stunts.

Safe and Comfortable Scooting Ride with Razor Scooters

Razor Australia manufactures scooters that are up to world standards to ensure the durability of its products and safety for the riders. Yet, you should also do your part to protect yourself and your child from bumps and crashes.

It is important to wear protective gear when riding your scooter. Wearing a helmet is a must! Using elbow pads and knee pads are recommended. Here at Mr Toys, you can buy the right protective gear for a safe and smooth riding experience with your Razor scooter.

Shop for Razer Scooters and safety gear here at Mr Toys, and have a fun yet safe scooting with a breeze!



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