LEGO Sets for 3 to 4-Year Old Kids

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From toddler to preschool years, little ones can become so curious and explorative that they tend to grab and play with anything they come across with. That’s why parents (and guardians) are always on their guard to make sure their children are not put in harm’s way, but that does not mean preventing the kids from exploring and discovering new things. After all, it is through play that little children learn best.

LEGO understands both the parent’s concern for their kids’ safety when playing and the children’s need to satisfy their curiosity through explorative play. With an awesome range of creative building sets for 3 to 4-year old children, LEGO assures parents that their kids can play with safe and durable toys which promote learning and fun at the same time. LEGO’s selection of highly educational toys provide 3 to 4-year old kids the best avenue to explore their creative imagination and building skills.

In this blog post, Mr Toys is delighted to bring you the hottest and most sought after LEGO sets for children aged 3 to 4 years. So if you are looking to buy a gift for your toddler or preschool child, this is the chance you’ve been waiting for! Read on below…

10. LEGO Minions in Gru's Lab 75546

Kids who love the Minions and Despicable Me movies will enjoy this LEGO Minions in Gru’s Lab building set. This Minions toy set is an ideal birthday present for preschool kids! Minion fans can have lots of fun re-creating scenes from the Minions: The Rise of Gru movie. With Kevin and Otto Minion figures, there’s plenty of opportunities for role-play after the model is built. Kids can make the Minions slide into the basement, test the car on the ramp, or use the trigger on the back of the washing machine to make it turn.

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9. LEGO Duplo Garbage Truck and Recycling 10945

There are so many things for toddlers and preschoolers to do and learn when they build and play with the LEGO Duplo Garbage Truck and Recycling! Practise colour sorting by placing the coloured bags into their matching bins; build fine motor skills with the open-and-close bin lids and the drivable dump truck; broaden imaginations with endless role-play stories; sweep up any spilled rubbish with the big broom; and develop eco-friendly habits that will last a lifetime.

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8. LEGO Duplo Truck and Tracked Excavator 10931

With 2 construction-worker figures, a truck with a tip function, and an excavator with a rotating digger, toddlers and parents have all they need to get the job done. Kids can develop their fine motor skills as they manoeuvre and operate the vehicles to carry out various construction-site tasks. There are toy boulders to scoop up into the truck. But watch out, the boulder can easily split open!

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7. LEGO Disney Belle's Ballroom 10960

Disney’s Princess Belle will dance in the ballroom! Kids can re-create the iconic dance scenes from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and turn the castle floor to watch Belle dance like never before. This 23-piece LEGO set includes 4 Duplo figures – Belle, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Chip – inspired by the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast.

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6. LEGO Duplo Steam Train 10874

With a train station, coal tipper, 2 Duplo figures plus an animal figure, and a simple toy train track included in this LEGO Duplo set, preschoolers can enjoy classic, fun train play. Download the optional app to unlock even more play possibilities, including remote-control function and fun activities to complete with your toddler!

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5. LEGO Duplo Space Shuttle Mission 10944

This toddler-friendly space toy has got it all! Little astronauts can launch into a universe of open-ended play with parents and playtime partners as they build the space shuttle, blast astronauts into space, and act out endless stories of exploration and discovery. And, as kids’ imaginations take them out of this world, their cognitive thinking, spatial reasoning, and fine motor skills will soar.

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4. LEGO Duplo Brick Box 10913

This fun-filled developmental toy is packed with bricks and pieces that encourage toddlers to explore hands-on creativity and imaginative play! Familiar objects stimulate young minds and colourful shapes invite free-building fun, making this LEGO Duplo starter set the perfect way to inspire any young builder. Inside the sturdy storage box, you'll find a car with moving wheels, a roof, window, flowers, bread, DUPLO people figures, 1,2,3 numbered bricks… along with an assortment of original bricks in a rainbow of inviting colours.

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3. LEGO Jurassic World T-Rex and Triceratops Dinosaur Breakout 10939

From the entrance's opening gates to the T-Rex's opening mouth, from the high-voltage fence to the cool motorcycle with room on the seat for Owen and the baby triceratops, this LEGO set is bursting with exciting action and fun features that develop kids’ construction and creative-thinking skills, and fuel their imaginations. When the T-Rex bursts through the iconic gates of Jurassic World, preschool dinosaur fans must help Owen rescue the baby triceratops and take it to safety on his motorcycle!

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2. LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader 60301

This LEGO set has all preschoolers need to build a toy 4x4 off-roader truck and water scooter in a savanna setting with Jessica Sharpe, ranger and explorer minifigures, plus lion, lion cub, and snake figures. Kids can activate the collapsing bridge function, work the off-roader’s winch, and enjoy realistic wildlife stories with iconic animals and the LEGO City Adventures TV series character Jessica Sharpe.

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1. LEGO Duplo Race Cars 10947

This LEGO Duplo set is a colourful racetrack playset bursting with imaginative fun, developmental benefits, and exciting role-play possibilities to share. The set includes male and female DUPLO race driver figures with helmets, 2 push-and-go cars, and accessories comprising a trophy, flags, electric-charging vehicle, cones, and car-care tools. Sharing imaginative role-play stories at the fun-packed car racetrack develops preschoolers’ social and emotional awareness, as well as their creative and fine motor skills.

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