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Does your child love dolls? Do they like to role-play “parent and child” scenarios? Seeing them play with dolls is nice, but why not make it more lifelike buy buying them doll strollers or doll’s pram? If your child loves being a parent to their doll, they will need a pram or stroller to bring their “baby” around the house or to the park. Here at Mr Toys, we have a large selection of doll strollers and prams. You can choose a simple umbrella stroller for walking around town or the jogging stroller for the “little parent” who likes to run. You can also find deluxe prams that fold down for sleeping baby dolls. We also have doll cribs and change tables to complete your child’s “parenting” kit. Shop with us now and purchase these doll strollers and doll’s pram at discounted prices.

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Study says that children who grow up playing with baby dolls will develop into nurturing parents when they become adults. The parenting skills they learn when they play with baby dolls will not go wasted. Many toddlers love to imitate their parents’ actions. If you are a loving parent to your children, why deprive them of the chance to be like you when they become parents themselves.

Allow them to play with baby dolls; make sure your child is complete with “parenting” equipment such as a doll stroller or doll’s pram, doll crib, change table, and related furniture. A doll stroller is an important toy if your child likes to bring their doll and its accessories anywhere they go.

Let Mr Toys help you find the right doll strollers, prams, furniture, and accessories. Our prices are lower than those of other stores. Shop now at Mr Toys and see your child enjoy and develop their “parenting” skills.



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